Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Dubai Kung Fu

Best Martial Arts Training Centers in Dubai. Authentic Chinese Martial Arts by  International Qualified Masters from the Shaolin Temple in China.

Dubai Kung Fu Classes for Men, Women, Children of all ages.

Choy Lee Fut (Cai Li Fo) is one of the most widely practiced kung fu styles within Asia today. It is well known for it's speed and power, it's smooth circular body movements and its flexible footwork. It combines the powerful hand techniques characteristic of the southern kung fu styles with the versatile kicks of the northern system. It emphasizes the intelligent use of strength and the combination of the external force with the internal will.
The Choy Lee Fut system has over 190 forms classified into 3 levels of learning. These forms include the following:
  • Traditional fist and weaponry forms, either in solo or multiple person sparring sets,
  • Shaolin wooden dummy forms for hand techniques and weaponry,
  • Sand bag techniques and forms,
  • Qigong (internal) forms and traditional Chinese medical theories; and
  • Lion dance sets.
The external sets are harder and faster, designed to condition and to benefit muscle and bone and to increase stamina. The internal sets are slower, flowing and more relaxed. They promote internal organ harmony, correct breathing and a healthier stronger body.
For more information on the styles, please visit Master John Duval's website under www.masterjohnduval.com

Shaolin Kung Fu is the blue prints of all Martial Arts. Created at the Shaolin Temple in China over 1000 years ago. Well known world wide for its diverse power, speed, flexibility, animal and weapon forms.

Sanda means free fighting. It is a Chinese hand to hand self defense system and combat sport. Not seen as a style itself but rather it is considered as one of the two Chinese Martial Arts training and is often taught alongside taolu (forms) training. However, as part of the development of sport Wushu by the Chinese government, a standard curriculum for sanshou was developed. This curriculum was developed with the Chinese military experiences in close range and hand to hand combat with reference to traditional Chinese martial arts. This general Sanshou (Sanda) curriculum varies in its different forms, as the Chinese government developed a version for civilians for self-defense and as a sport.





  1. This is very interesting, thanks for sharing! It is best to receive these kinds of training in person mainly because there are certain ways that you have to approach your training. One time, a friend and I researched how to learn Kung Fu in China because it was something that we thought would be worth traveling for. During our one month term, we learned about some of the styles highlighted above. It was truly a great experience.

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